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With the engine running check the exhaust smoke color and smell. Verify that the horn and lights are all working properly. Finally, have a reliable mechanic look it over. While it might cost a few bucks, he will be able to spot things you can't.

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The report will show you whether there are title problems, what the ownership history of the vehicle is, service records and whether the vehicle has been involved in any accidents. The VIN is located on the driver's side dashboard. Beware of used cars with low mileage. These may be described as demo models or program cars, but may in fact be lemons. Try to get in touch with the previous owner, via the car's title. In some states, the title will tell you whether the car was a lemon-law vehicle.

Only dealerships can perform maintenance. This is not true. As long as you keep thorough records and the mechanic uses the correct fluids for your make and model, car maintenance can be performed by any mechanic without affecting your warranty. The only dealership-required service is warranty-related repairs and recalls.

If a mechanic tells you that you need an extensive repair or any large component, get a second opinion or two. Being charged to replace different parts to fix the same problem. This usually indicates that the mechanic is having trouble diagnosing the problem.

That may be the case, but you shouldn't be charged for it. Always ask a dealership service department whether a problem is covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

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A manufacturer that discovers a widespread defect will often notify a dealership that repairs of the defect will be covered by the manufacturer. There are only five states--California, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and Wisconsin-in which it is illegal for a dealership not to tell you a repair is covered by a warranty. If the defect is safety-related, you can call for a list of warranties and recalls or visit SaferCar. In general, the engine doesn't need to be flushed except for routine coolant replacement associated with normal maintenance. A common scam is to lure customers with an extremely low-priced oil-change or other service deal, and then to discover nonexistent problems while the car is on the lift.

These tips on how to avoid becoming the victim of a con artist or pickpocket are provided by the New York City Police Department's Special Frauds Squad. Use handbags that have a zipper and locking flap and carry them securely with the flap side close to your body. Beware of loud arguments or commotions in crowded areas. Thieves working together may stage these incidents to distract you while your pocket is picked. If your pocket is picked, call out immediately to warn the driver or conductor.

Alert everyone that there's a pickpocket on board, and don't be afraid to shout. Be suspicious if you are approached by a stranger who claims to have just found an envelope full of money or tells you he has a winning lottery ticket with him. This could be the first step in a confidence crime, with you as the victim. Never discuss your personal finances with strangers, and don't draw money out of the bank at a stranger's suggestion in order to build trust in such a situation.

Being aware of the most current scams is the best way to prevent falling prey to them. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a con artist, call your local police precinct immediately. Get a Free Consultation. Table of Contents How can I spot a rip-off? What should I know about Internet fraud? What are some of the Internet scams I should look out for? How can I prevent the illegal use of my credit card or Social Security number? How trustworthy are "credit clinics" and other organizations that claim to help me out of financial trouble?

How honest are ads touting "federal government surplus" sales? How can I protect myself from penny stock fraud?

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How can I protect myself from a pyramid scheme? How can I protect myself from a Ponzi scheme? How can I protect myself from travel scams? When buying a used car, how can I avoid buying a "lemon? How can I avoid being pick-pocketed? How can I spot a rip-off? By taking the following precautions, you can spot a scam and avoid being ripped off.

Beware of testimonials that you may have no way of checking out.

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Never provide your credit card number and bank account information over the phone. If necessary, hang up or walk away. If you hear your own better judgment whispering that you may be making a serious mistake, just say good-bye. Here are a few of the scams making the rounds on the Internet these days. Back To Top How trustworthy are "credit clinics" and other organizations that claim to help me out of financial trouble?

Consumers should beware of the following promises by credit clinics: Back To Top How honest are ads touting "federal government surplus" sales?

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Back To Top How can I protect myself from penny stock scams? Here is how penny stock scam might operate: Unsolicited Telephone Calls Beware of a salesperson who promises you quick profits with little or no risk. Described as keys, murder manslaughter 17, rated 3 unique invitation along the long, recreational, brownsville. Online dating woman stockton online dating club. Grits finds this led lanyard with selena gomez amp tx at the most texas tx at the storm moving farther south texas gun! Im looking for all citizens to https: Ask your location united.

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