How much does it cost to hook up electricity to a mobile home

You need people you can trust to do a professional job in a timely manner.

Cost of Electrical Hookup?

This is preferred as one crew performing both functions can result in a seamless flow of services on site. A reputable mobile home dealer can provide you with a list of recommended general contractors GCs and HUD-certified set-up contractors to help get your home completed on site and ready for occupancy.

Some mobile home dealers are HUD authorized to install modular homes and mobile homes themselves. This is a good option as it minimizes the number of people you have to deal with and avoids a contractor being able to put the blame on someone else. Sometimes, the price of mobile homes includes the cost of installation. Be clear on this before you sign the sales contract. What sort of costs are we talking about? The community manager will probably take care of site preparation. To give you an example, someone installing a new double-wide on an acre of semi-rural land is looking at the following tasks:.

The job will involve potentially dozens of people on site, all of whom will need paying. To make sure prices and services are in line, solicit bids from at least two installation crews. Ask each to meet you at the site so they can get an idea of where you plan to place your home, and can quote your job based on local conditions, regulations, and any job-specific considerations that are required.

Be sure to get the lowdown on warranties before you buy. Coverage should be available from the person who sets up and installs your home so do check before you hire the set-up crew.

If damage occurs from a faulty set-up, your new-home warranty could be affected. Get Everything in Writing! For every set-up installer, GC or sub-trader you hire, be sure to get in writing:. What services are provided: Specify the services such as site clearance, foundations, utilities, septic tank, HUD-certified installation and so on.

Be sure to include the level of finishing work included in the contract such as joining the carpet and molding on a new double wide, and siding work on the exterior. Be very specific about what you want done, especially if you want additional services such as building a garage or landscaping.

If you want topsoil laid, get it in writing. If you want grass seeds sown, get it in writing.

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How those services will be provided: Write down the steps for installation with a timeline for finishing important tasks. This ensures that the work is done in a timely and correct fashion. Be clear when payments will be made for specific tasks. If you have a construction loan, your lender will spell out this element. Write down who is providing the warranty and what the warranty will cover. This is standard procedure in the construction industry and incentivizes the set-up crew to complete the project to your satisfaction.

Although some mobile home owners think that an installation contract is not necessary, it really is your best protection against unexpected charges and misunderstandings about who is responsible for what. Before your home is delivered, you must make sure that the site has been prepared and is accessible. Depending on the location of your site, you might have to fell trees, take down fencing, use a bulldozer to widen access lanes, or contact the utility company to remove wires in order to accommodate the load size of the home being delivered.

The site area must be cleared of trees, shrubs, rocks and debris in areas where footings are to be placed. The site must be properly graded and sloped so that rainwater will drain away from the mobile home and not pool under it. Where walls or other physical conditions prevent grading, the site will need providing with drains or swales to manage water runoff.

Provision for temporary needs: Consider the location for portable toilets, dumpsters, parking, and delivery vehicle drop-offs while the crew is on site. You might be able to do some of the site-preparation work yourself to reduce costs, for example, removing shrubs and trees. However, most site preparation work requires a professional and should be built into the quote from your installer or GC. Constructing the foundation on which your home will be placed is the major task of site preparation. I did my pole service and the line to the house, all by looking at others that have been done recently and just copying.

I ran mine underground ft, was much cheaper than above ground.

Put the underground wire in a sleeve to keep rocks from ever nicking it. I tied a small cup to a string and the other end to the wire. Took a shop vac and blew the cup down the ft sections of corrugated then pulled the wire through with the string. Worked like a charm and I felt like mc gyver Oct 7, 8. Oct 7, 9. Each electric company has a system they want you to use.

Find this out then go from there. Oct 8, Yes prairie hill, it is as easy as it looks. We hooked up our trailer to the pole when we brought it in, too. I know Nebraska requires inspection for actual construction, but do they for this?

What is the Realistic Cost of moving a Mobile Home onto Raw Land? (homestead forum at permies)

Nonetheless, a code pamphlet would be handy just for easing your mind. Call you local NPPD and see what they have ErinP , Oct 8, Agree with the others I got a book from my power company and just followed the rules. I talked some to the power co engineer in charge of the design which was just me telling him what I wanted to do My installation was also underground and I too used a shop-vac to run the pull-cord.

Anyhow, the inspector came out, torqued the lugs and slapped his sticker on my meter-base. I did get a lot of advice from the local electrical supply place too Oct 9, I did one we set up on our place for my mother-in-law. I got a permit and then just looked at a couple nearby that were recently done, sketched the setup, bought the stuff and installed it just like the other ones were and then called the inspector.

Only glitch was that I didn't have a breaker labeled I also fed a yard light and an outlet off the MH panel on the pole. The inspector let me fix that while he was there and posted a completed inspection sticker on it. Oct 12, That can also be quite dangerous! Oh yes, I've seen that, in person. There was a beautiful two acre lot I handled years ago for an estate, I mean beautiful.

How Much Will Manufactured Homes Installation Cost?

Sort of a hermit lived there and did much of his own work. Now I'm being serious here. They found the septic was actually just a series of pipes that ran way out into a unused section of the property, that explained the lush greenery there. The water line wasn't an actual water line, it too was a series of pipes and hoses connected to a family trailer on the next lot. They just tapped in and he paid their water bill. DON't do it, buy a house. We owed a paid for trailer, outskirts city lot: Water connection to city water: Total cost to move and set up: Found out later after the trailer was removed for scrap, it fell apart in the middle when moved.

Added bonus to buying the house. IF, big IF, you can find a lot already with services, as noted above, you might fare better.

ReWire Trailer

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